Époque is a research team that documents Belgium’s rich nightlife history. In collaboration with clubs and labels, past and present, we try to capture the spirit and nostalgia of our bygone discotheque culture. We bootleg club memories and aesthetics, translating them to high quality apparel and party supplies as an homage to our nation’s club scene.

At Epoque-archive.com, we archive club nostalgia in our memo-book. Our specialized research team is always on the lookout for relics of the under-and-upper ground music scenes. We like to dig up zeitgeist samples, lost identities, collective memories and musings from in-and-outside our club culture. Epoque-archive.com is an ongoing exhibition, an archive for you to explore at the click of button.

‘Époque’ is French for ‘time’, ‘era’ or ‘age’. It’s often used by older generations. Ravers often say “à l’époque c’était mieux”, which translates to “it used to be better back in the old days.” We picked this name out of respect for the past, but we keep a gaze towards the future. We do it out of love for the discotheques we’ve always dreamed of going to.