Glints, born Jan Maarschalk Lemmens, is a Belgian rapper, singer and songwriter. He was born & bred in a music loving family in Antwerp. Captured by music from a young age, he joined the opera’s children’s choir and was sent to music school. Many trips across the pond to London, visiting his surrogate family, clarify his signature Brit twang.

Together with his beat-brother-in-arms Yong Yello, Glints developed his characteristic sound, combining grime, trap, R&B and electronica. 
First product of their alliance “Bugatti” caught the attention of wide audiences in mainland Europe. The Ennio Moricone sample driven “Gold Veins” and DVTCH Norris collaboration “Fear” affirmed his one to watch status.
Celebrating shittiness, grave shifts, break-ups and void bank accounts, dressed in Winnie the Pooh bear costumes, driving old Citrën Berlingo’s and hanging with horses and Chow Chows, it’s fair to conclude that Glints is not your everyday rapping hip-hopper.

The Bugatti’s been revved up, the lukewarm lemonade’s been chilled. Choir boy Glints is ready for his sermon in 2020.

alexander vandriessche

philippe van elk