charlotte de witte

Charlotte de Witte’s astronomic rise to the top of the charts is undeniable. The Belgian’s surge on the scene, has brought her a long way from her early beginnings in small venues. Resulting in her being one of the most sought-after names in electronic music today.

With highlight performances at renowned festivals and acclaimed clubs Charlotte de Witte has won the hearts of electronic music lovers across the continents. The Mixmag & DJ Mag covers, high-ranking positions in the Beatport Top 100 charts & lists and ownership of one of the strongest social media profiles in music today, only confirm her status as nouveaux techno

Acclaimed accolades such as Best Techno at the DJ Awards in 2019 and a high profile residency at BBC Radio 1 are honoring validations of de Witte’s hard work. However it’s her everlasting pursuit to push her boundaries and those of electronic music, that drives her.

In 2015 Charlotte de Witte founded her flagship, KNTXT, which has grown from a live event; to a boutique label that organizes events, releases music and curates radio shows. KNTXT stands for purity, strength & progression within a vibrant and ever evolving techno scene. Head honcho Charlotte de Witte ambition holds no boundaries as she pursues to build a platform for emerging talent and output for her creative aspirations.

With no intention of slowing down Charlotte de Witte is a force of nature to be reckoned with.

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