charlotte de witte

Charlotte de Witte is a techno phenomenon.

From small beginnings playing in Ghent’s local bars over a decade ago, Charlotte became one of the world’s busiest touring DJs, turning heads in every corner of the world. She didn’t just create new fans; she created a dedicated global family of like-minded techno heads.

To describe Charlotte de Witte’s sound as just techno doesn’t do her justice. After all, she often takes cues from the outer fringes of electronic music, like ambient, psy or core. That said, the DJ-producer firmly stands at the frontline of the ever-growing techno movement. Her impeccable selection of high-energy electronic tracks, often including forgotten classics of Belgium’s golden rave era, is lethal when unleashed on the dancefloor. Moreover, her trademark style is reflected not just in her meticulously crafted productions or carefully composed DJ sets but also in the sound of many contemporary techno artists too, verifying her status as a trailblazer in the global rave community.

Charlotte de Witte’s success is not simply the result of her magazine cover features or number one positions in the charts. Behind the scenes, brutal tour schedules and studio overtime have contributed to a stellar career any modern artist strives to achieve. Taking home the medal for ‘Best Techno DJ’ at the DJ Awards in 2019 and reaching the number one spot in DJ Mag’s Best Alternative Top 100 DJ poll in 2020 and 2021 confirmed her status as one of the world’s most relevant acts in electronic music today. 

But there’s more. In 2015, Charlotte de Witte founded KNTXT as a club night in Fuse, Brussels’ premier techno venue. After only a handful of editions, the event moved to bigger settings, like London’s renowned Printworks, New York City’s The Knockdown Center, special stage hostings at world-famous Awakenings and Tomorrowland festivals and lately she played an all-nighter for a room of 18.000 people in her hometown Ghent. 

A KNTXT night is a rich palette. One of musical debauchery, gluttony, dissipation and all else that’s good for you. It can debut with proper ambient but end with a mix of genres pitched high in BPM. A nightlife romance, so to speak. With more than one cliffhanger.

As the KNTXT events cover an ever-wider network of global cities, the KNTXT family grows bigger every month. The record label offers a home, not just for Charlotte de Witte’s music but for the productions of a new generation of exciting producers as well. In short,  the label’s philosophy is to tick boxes but never be boxed in thus becoming a much-needed platform for promising young artists like Charlotte de Witte once was.

Charlotte de Witte’s story is still being written, and we might just find ourselves in one of the beginning chapters.

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