School Is Cool
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school is cool

‘Good News’: not only the title of School is Cool their latest album, but it’s also what we said when hearing about their return.

The former Humo’s Rock Rally winner created the second album they never made. Of course, this is chronologically their third album, after ‘Entropology’ and ‘Nature Fear’, but musically and emotionally it matches their praised debut album. On ‘Good News’ the indie-pop formation is still shifting a step further towards pop music of an international level, without denying their roots. Arcade Fire and Bruce Springsteen are seldom far away, but songsmith Johannes Genard has listened carefully to young wolves such as Miles Kane and Alex Turner. This resulted in two fine first singles: Trophy Wall, a hidden Belpop classic and ‘Run Run Run Run Run’, which is most accessible and infectious, in true Fleetwood Mac, War On Drugs and Dire Straits tradition.

The album, which was produced by Luke Smith (Crystal Fighters, Foals) and mixed by John Goodmanson (Death Cab for Cutie and Cloud Nothings), received public praise and was rewarded with four-star reviews by various respected Belgian media.

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