In 2015 ONYVAA began her musical journey in Amsterdam to study production and sound design, further shaping her sound in Paris where she founded her label Passeport Records. With a residency at Rex Club and support of Cercle, her touring schedule picked up in 2018, becoming a one-to-watch in the global techno circuit as a regular guest at KNTXT events and touring partner of Richie Hawtin.

Inspired by the European scene and a hunger to further explore her sound; she debuted her live act in 2019. Focussed on creating an energetic trip that is influenced by the timeless sounds of Detroit and early 90’s acid warehouse techno. Combining hypnotising melodic loops and textures, that she constructs with modular synths, groovy bass heavy drums, emotive pads, and self-recorded samples. With a deep love for obscure field recording, she tries to capture organic sounds, encapsulating its ambiance into her original tracks.

Ever since then she’s released music on PLUS8 Compilation as well as 8 EPs on her own Passeport label with most recently the release of het Lost Angeles EP on Charlotte de Witte’s KNTXT label.

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tom nettleton